Is Top Secret Fat Loss Secret a Scam?

What is Top Secret Fat Loss Secret all about? Is it a scam? What are these parasites and plaque it refers to? If all this is completely new to someone, it could very well seem like another money-making scam trying to sell you something you don’t need. The information herein is meant to help inform those who are curious of the dangerous reality behind the product creator, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst’s, claims.

Parasites are organisms that grow, feed, and are sheltered on or in a different organism (referred to as the host) while contributing nothing to the survival of its host, and often times causing it harm. Statistics claim that 85% of the world’s population is infected with at least one type of parasite and that 80% of Americans have the exact stomach and intestinal parasites that Top Secret Fat Loss Secret refers to. Some experts claim this number is closer to 95%. These parasites enter the human body through a multitude of sources including but not limited to; contaminated food or water, improperly washed food, contact with larva infested dirt, pets, and even sex with an infected person. These parasites steal the nutrients meant to be absorbed for the maintenance of your own body, in effect robbing you of good health and causing you to get fat as your body eats more trying to receive the nutrients it requires. In addition to nutrient-theft and weight-gain, these parasites cause or contribute almost entirely to countless diseases such as cancer, organ failure, and gastrointestinal candidiasis.

To compound the problem even further, plaque forms on the intestinal walls from eating many common foods such as meat, bread, cake, french fries, fried chicken, pasteurized milk and yogurt…to name just some. This mucoid plaque is a tar-like substance that forms an impenetrable wall for all intents and purposes, for the normal function of the intestines (nutrient absorption and blood-filtering). I’ve read a statistic that as much as 80% of the nutrients we ingest just pass through us due to this blockage, unabsorbed and wasted. This is in addition to the parasitic nutrion-thieves as well. Conventional cleanses such as water fasting and even colon cleanses leave this substance totally unaffected and the problem untreated. A mucoid plaque specific cleanse must be done to remove this threat as more health complications can and will develop if left untreated.

It is very important to cleanse your body of these parasites and plaque, before they cause irreversible damage. In the process, your health will be restored and your body will be able to become the fat-burning furnace it was intended to be. Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is no scam and will show you exactly the methods used by the author, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, in treating her very own patients to great success and many thanks. The product features not only complete instructions on the cleansing steps necessary to deal with these threats but it also contains complete information on how one can maintain a healthy lifestyle with accurate advice on diet and exercise.