Top 20 Weight Loss Top Secrets

20 top secrets of a fast weight lost exposed. Secrets to an awesome body and a healthy lifestyle. Having a great looking body is easy with this 20 top secrets for losing weight fast.

1. Have sufficient amount of sleep.

Quality sleep is needed, getting 8 hours of sleep will make you feel better and will give you feeling whole for the day.

2. Reduce Calorie Intake.

When you cut your calorie you’ll force your body to use the stored fats in your body especially in the mid section.

3. Don’t eat too much at night.

You’re body is actually decelerating its function at night. It means that if you eat junk foods full of carbs 3 hours before bedtime then you are just letting your body to store that extra fat the whole night. Personally I only eat salad at night, with homemade dressing.

4. Don’t eat in 2 big fraction of meal the whole day but rather 6 small portions the whole day.

Eating 2 big fractions of food a day is like starving yourself the whole day and will make your metabolism slow. If you eat 6 small portions the whole day then your body will be in very good condition and full of energy.

5. Water Water and more Water.

Instead of drinking juices which still have sugars or artificial juices. I prefer drinking water because firstly, H2o doesn’t have calorie in it. Second, it helps in lowering the sodium level and regulates minerals and vitamins. Drink at least 8 tall glasses of waters a day (You can read this article regarding Water Therapy).

6. Make it your Lifestyle.

Wow! You lose weight and flatten your tummy. You achieved your goal but after that you get back to what you usually eat and slowly go back to your old body. DON’T, that’s why you must change your over all life style to maintain what you’ve achieve.

7. Fiber rich food.

Eating fiber rich food such as vegetables, etc can help you burn sugar from carbs. It helps in digestion of fats. It also helps in bowel movement thus saving you on wasting your money on laxatives.

8. Right Fats to be consumed.

Wrong fats could be dangerous to your health; it can also make you fat literally. Don’t consume too much of this bad fats which are not good to your health.

9. Lessen your Sodium ingestions.

Sodium not only causes ailments, it can also make you more dehydrated and can result to water retention. Learn to eat with lesser of these or netter none, promise it could save you more days to your life.

10. Overindulgence at Night.

You are tired from work and you wanted to watch movie to treat yourself fattening foods like Ice cream, Potato chips etc because there’s no work tomorrow, usually every Friday nights. It just means more fats to store around your belly. Eat with Moderation.

11. Prepare Your Food.

This is Important. What you buy on groceries and fast food are actually food that you don’t know are bad for you because you really don’t know how much Sodium, Sugar, etc. are in what you eat. You get the point? If you prepare your own food you know that it’s healthy.

12. Skipping Meals has big Effect.

Your metabolism will slowdown if you often skip meals. Slower metabolism means sluggish caloric burning and more fats around your tummy.

13. Cardio for faster burning of Stored Fats.

Running or Biking could not only make you healthier, it could also help you burn fats faster. 30 minutes of running a day is enough for a healthier you.

14. Moderation on Deep Fried – Food.

When eating deep fried foods be sure to use Healthy oil such as Olive oils, Canola oils, and palm oil which are good to your health.

15. No to Smoking.

Smoking not only contains carcinogens which can result to cancer. It can also make you ugly and make your metabolism slower. Did I say that it can make you sleepy?

16. Moderation on Beer.

Beer is made from rice. Which has very high Calories; my friend also told me that one bottle of a beer will your body to burn it for a week. I still don’t know if this is true though.

17. Too much Sugar is the fastest way to gain weight.

Sugar could make you crave for food more and will make you eat more even though you know you are already full. Sugar transforms into fat the fastest.

18. Cheat Day.

A day of eating anything you want is the best way to keep the program of losing weight and trimming fats especially around your stomach. Just don’t overindulge yourself. Cheat day is keeping you away from depriving yourself making you go back to your usual eating habit.

19. Build Muscle.

Muscle will make you burns calories faster. If you train your abs and build muscle then it is easier for you to show that 6 packs of yours, with the right diet and discipline then Viola!.

20. Be aware.

Knowledge on your goal to a flatter tummy is the secret to have it. Learn more on how to flatten your abs and lose weight. Study every food you’re going to prepare.