Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review – Don’t Get Scammed

If you haven’t heard by now, the latest and greatest new “diet” product on the market has nothing to do with diet pills, pre-packaged meals or even dieting!

As unbelievable as it sounds, The Top Secret Fat Loss Secret By Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst has nothing to do with “Dieting” per say, but everything to do with the TRUTH about FAT and why going on a Diet will not work. Before we continue, let me assure you that this is a true Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review from a person who actually owns a copy of this revealing report.

First, let me tell you a little about myself and what motivated me to buy this weight loss product. First, I have been doing battle with fat it seems for my whole life. I have dieted since I was 14 in one form or another. I have done Weight Watchers, the Cabbage Diet, the Hollywood Diet, the South Beach Diet…blah, blah blah. I have spent thousands on pre-packaged weight loss foods and pills.

Luckily, I even escaped with my health intact as I took Phen Phen before it was taken off of the market. Every time I went to my Dr. the only thing she would say was, Janet you have got to lose weight before its to late. And over time I would. I once lost 48 pounds only to put on 60 after my second pregnancy. I was told to drink diet soda, eat low fat foods, count calories and avoid carbs. I did all of these things and still I was labeled a Yo-Yo Dieter!

I was miserable, suffering from migraines, depression and lethargy.

At the age of 45, I am still struggling with weight, but not as much over the last year. And the weight is finally coming off all thanks to the INFORMATION from Dr. Suzanne in the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. Now you noticed I said it’s just over the last year that I am finally seeing some permanent changes in my weight holding pattern! That was when a friend of mine who was suffering from a Thyroid problem that no Doctor could seen to help her with started researching. And what my friend found was startling.

First she showed me why I was suffering from Migraine Headaches so frequently! It was the Artificial Sweetener, Aspartame, that is almost everywhere. It’s laced in every “diet food” out there! The diet pop that I was so addicted to was actually causing the migraines that were debilitating. Not only that, but I had tried to stop drinking Diet Soda, but found it next to impossible. Do you want to know why? Because Aspartame is not only addictive, but it actually makes you crave more food!

My friend certainly kicked off my revelation into the Diet Industry, but it was Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst who put it all together for me! That’s why when I stumbled across her website, I knew I had finally found the truth I was looking for. And when I actually downloaded her ebook, I was NOT disappointed. Here is a Brief Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review that will show you without a doubt that this report is NOT a Scam!

  • Lose Weight Fast –Naturally with These 8 Simple Tips (page 6)
  • Find out How Your Body Metabolizes weight and the pounds will simply fall off (page 10)
  • 15 Days to a New You-Over come the obstacles that have been stumbling blocks in the past (page 15)
  • The Biggest Fat Secret of All (page 18)
  • The most neglected part of your body and its role in being overweight (page 19)
  • The Scariest major cause of obesity (page 20)
  • The silent disease that is making your cravings out of control (page 23)
  • The NATURAL way to realize your weight loss goal and have more energy than you ever thought possible (page 25)
  • The Single most important Drink that is the key to healthy and fast weight loss (page 27)
  • The Flow chart that will show you how to maintain your weight loss (page 30)
  • The Good Health Juice (page 33)
  • The Deadly______Cycle and what to do about it (page 34)
  • The only workout you need and how to avoid the most common exercise mistakes (page 39)
  • 10 Tips for Permanent Weight loss (page 44)
  • AND So Much More!

The choice is yours, if you are not afraid to find out the REAL reasons that you are fat, then The Top Secret Fat Loss Secrets is definitely for you.