Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review – How To Lose Fat Fast?

A shocking report, called the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret, has recently been released by a female doctor by the name of Dr Suzanne Gudakunst. She has revealed that weight loss drugs and designer foods are not only doing nothing to improve our health and help us lose weight, they could be potentially harmful to our bodies!

Why Are Weight Loss Drugs And Designer Foods Potentially Harmful?

It has been revealed that due to preservatives, pesticides and harmful chemicals that we consume with our foods, a harmful crusty plaque will form in our digestive systems. Whether or not these substances are deliberately put into our foods is still open to debate, but Dr. Suzanne suspects that they may very well have been.

What This Plaque Will Do To You

Have you ever felt like you were starving no matter how much you ate, or that you could not lose any more fats no matter how much you were dieting and exercising? It could very well be caused by this plaque that has built up in the colon system, because it is blocking your intestine’s natural ability to absorb nutrition properly. It is seldom that you will find an infant suffering from such a condition.

As a result, you continue to eat more food despite the fact that your body has already taken in many calories. This eventually makes fatter and fatter, which may lead to other health problems too. On top of that, the parasites are competing with your body to absorb the good nutrients.

Results of Flushing Out This Plaque

Initially, Dr. Suzanne was only using her treatment method to treat patients with chronic obesity. Her patients’ response to her treatment was very good, which then prompted her to try her methods on people who were less obese but still considered fat. She discovered that the results of her methods were just as effective.