Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Review – What’s the Actual Secret?

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret by Dr. Suzanne Gudankust approaches fat loss from a somewhat different angle to most accepted programs. Simply put, she pertains that the reason most people cannot lose fat is that their bodies are full of parasites that prevent the body from effectively breaking down and burning fat. But what is the actual secret? I’ll explain later.

First, where have the parasites come from? Toxic build up over the years from all the junk and low quality food that the average person stuffs inside them on a daily basis. If you think about it it isn’t surprising really as even a lot of “fresh food” is cultivated by some very dubious techniques these days, so it isn’t only junk food that you have to be wary of.

The book explains in detail how to detoxify and rid yourself of the parasites and to give your body nutrition that will help it burn fat and make you strong and healthy in the process. The colon and liver are full of toxins that are so prevalent in today’s foods that the body’s natural cleaning system can no longer cope with them. The rate of intake is just too high.

The book explains which foods and particularly herbs, will naturally flush out these bad things. Once you have done this you obviously need to maintain this new regime to some extent. You cannot just flush yourself out in a few weeks and then return to your old lifestyle. If anything the book will be a wake up call for the population to consider how they are damaging their bodies on a daily basis.

One thing the book doesn’t go into in much detail is exercise. It is imperative, if you want to lose fat effectively, that you get some exercise, specifically high intensity exercise. This is shorter and harder than normal cardio and increases the metabolism and burns fat very well.

So the actual secret then. Aside from the parasites, the author maintains there is something of a conspiracy in the food industry today. The large corporations know very well that there products are unhealthy and keep the population in ill health, but are happy because then they get to sell more bad food. Hmmm.

Regardless of whether you believe the conspiracy part, Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is worth checking out for its effective nutritional cleansing system and fat loss methods.