Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Warning! Does the Weight Loss Method by Dr Suzanne Work? Honest Review

We come across new weight loss diet plans everyday. One among these is Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. This is devised by Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst. This is another natural method of losing the love handles around the belly, thighs and the arms. Here are some key features of this diet:

Top Secret Fat Loss Secret Reviews

· This diet plan has two versions: the lighter one and the hardcore one.

· The lighter versions are meant for the beginners who are quite over weight.

· Hardcore elite version is tough to follow. It is meant for the regular dieters who are too determined towards weight loss.

· This plan helps you increase the metabolic rate of the body. This plan is made in a manner that it would help you understand your body type and then give you your meal plan.

· This plan helps you detoxify your body and cleanse the colon & liver.

· The parasites are removed completely from the body under this plan.

As such, it is a new diet plan so you shall not come across many dieters reviews online. But, the ones who are using it have reported some faults. These are not very major. The beginners might have problems but the regular dieters would not have issues using the Top Secret Fat Loss Secret.

These points are mentioned below:

· There are no recipes given for low calorie cooking.

· The language in some places is a bit technical that people can not really relate with.

· This plan is a little tedious to understand and follow.

· Especially, the hardcore elite version must not be taken without checking it up with your physician.

· Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst is not a health expert or a professional dietician. What she has shared here are some simple diet tips. As compared to the other diet programs, this one offers lesser health benefits.