Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

Maybe this will be the most amazing story of fat loss you’ ll ever heard of in your entire life! Ready yourself to be shock and amaze about the truth that I’m going to show you. Did you know that are body are slowly eaten and consume by “something” that has no teeth? This is the same reason why no matter what we do, we doesn’t lose weight ad we failed miserably time after time! This things are plaque and parasite that keeps on dictating our brain to eat and eat until we become fat like a cow! No matter what we do, this parasite kept on growing and multiplying, consuming every fats on our body. That’s why even though we have the most modern and most advanced medical equipment our body doesn’t prevent us from getting sick?

Let me start by telling you the story of a Lady doctor named Suzanne Gudakunst! She is a doctor specializing and researching about obesity! She is the world-famous TV lady doctor who comes forth and blows the lid of conspiracy to keep you unhealthy, fat and sick. She revealed this top secret fat loss secret to the public to become aware of this shocking truth. Because of this revelation, her life is endanger. She got a lot of death threats coming from people who might offended by her shocking revelation. She just want to put an end on some wrong conception about weight loss program.

Based on her research, she found out that the reason why most modern day medicine, diet patch, healthy foods, medicine and other organic foods don’t work in this 21st technologically amazing age is that they were deliberately designed not to. Have you ever wonder why Japan prevent any dairy or meat product coming from America from entering to their country? The truth is our foods have been filled with unnatural things that were not supposed to have! It is a sad fact that in a way of finding ways to make us healthy, this is the same reason we get sick and eventually die

It is not too late to make and accept changes in our life! We must love our self! If we want to live longer we must live healthy and How to do it?

1. Choose the right food that we are going to eat. Not all healthy foods are designed to make us healthy and strong. Be careful and choosy.

2. Exercise. Do some exercise and stretching. This will only involves some of your time. Don’t be stop by the reason that you are just busy doing this. 30 to 20 minutes is enough.

3. Consult doctors about your health problem.

4. Prevent some bad habits. Smoking and too much drinking are some of the things you should eliminate or at least lessen.

5. Get enough sleep.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Last but not the least, you should read the book of Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst to know more on how you can get rid this harmful parasites, plaque and little critters forever!

I hope after reading this story you may find your way to a more healthier life! In a way finding the truth about top secret fat loss secret is not just a waste of time!

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